Welcome to First Light Lamps Ltd

First Light produces over 2000 different lamp types and is able to offer lamps for most industrial, medical laser and IPL systems. We provide lamps that offer any user or OEM the very best performance for their systems.

We also supply a range of parallel trigger transformers for IPL systems, flow tubes, flow plates, windows, eyewear and laser system components. Please see our 'Products' page for a comprehensive list of products we supply.

We are also able to undertake the design and manufacture of custom designs for your applications. First Light Lamps Ltd is committed to the continued production of flash lamps and supporting both new and legacy systems with our products.

Global Leaders

First Light Lamps Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and is committed to providing high quality lamps to a global audience. 

We are proud to have official distributors located around the world. Please see our 'Representatives' page to find your nearest distributor.

If you cannot find a distributor near you or if you would like to contact us directly, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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