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Medical surgery


Laser flash lamps are used in a variety of medical procedures, including laser eye surgery, kidney stone removal, dental surgery and laser ablation.  

How do medical laser flash lamps work?

The intense light emitted by a flash lamp is directed toward a solid-state laser medium (either in the form of Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Ho:YAG, Ruby or Alexandrite). The flash lamp provides the necessary energy to "pump" or excite the laser medium.


The laser medium (or Crystal/Rod) is often placed between two mirrors, forming an optical cavity, which oscillate the light through the laser medium, causing stimulated emission. This process allows for the amplification and emission of laser light at specific wavelengths, which is then utilized for various medical procedures. 

What are the benefits?

Medical laser flash lamps offer several benefits that make them suitable for various applications in the medical industry. Here are some advantages of using medical laser flash lamps:


1. Flash lamps generate short-duration pulses of light, typically in the nanosecond or microsecond range. This characteristic is important for achieving precise control over laser energy delivery. Short pulses enable highly controlled tissue ablation, coagulation, or selective targeting of specific structures, minimizing thermal damage to surrounding tissues.

2. Laser flash lamps are designed for durability and long operating lifetimes. They are built to withstand the repetitive high-energy electrical discharges required for producing the intense light pulses. Properly maintained flash lamps can have a lifespan of thousands of hours, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing downtime in medical laser systems.

3. Compared to some other types of light sources, flash lamps can be a cost-effective option for pumping solid-state lasers. They provide a high-intensity light source without the need for complex and expensive components.

What medical lamps do we offer?

At First Light Lamps, we specialize in medical laser lamps and we are proud to offer a wide range of products which fit into a number of systems. Some of the most popular OEM brands we offer lamps for include:

  • Asclepion

  • Biotec Italia

  • BIOS

  • Candela

  • Cynosure

  • DEKA

  • Fotona

  • Lumenis

  • Lutronic

  • Quanta

If you have requirements for medical laser lamps, please get in contact with our friendly sales team who will be able to assist you in providing stock levels, lead time and a quotation.

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