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Optical Lenses

A high quality, recently replaced focus lens will improve laser beam transmission and result in a more efficient machine and better treatment results. A lens that is starting to suffer from solarisation will result in lower output energy, and therefore will lead to inefficient performance.
We offer superior quality focus lenses manufactured to precise requirements. Lenses are available in a wide range of coatings and material types.

Optical lenses

Replacement Lenses & Windows Kits

We are also now able to provide replacement lenses and windows for the Cynosure Elite, Elite+, Elite MPX and Cynergy handpieces as listed below. These high quality lenses are made to the same precise standards as the originals, however at a fraction of the price! Each kit comprises of two lenses and a protective window:

  • Cynosure 3mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY3MM

  • Cynosure 5mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY5MM


  • Cynosure 7mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY7MM


  • Cynosure 10mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY10MM


  • Cynosure 12mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY12MM


  • Cynosure 15mm Handpiece Kit P/N - KCY15MM

Please contact us to discuss your requirements using our contact form or via

Cynosure hand piece
Optical lenses and windows
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