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Heraeus Noblelight vs First Light Lamps Ltd

A message from our Directors 

You may already be aware that First Light Lamps Ltd was recently involved in patent litigation with Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. The case involved alleged infringement of a patent owned by Heraeus Noblelight. Surprisingly, the judgment did not go in our favour, and we were found to have infringed on a purposive construction. We object to the judgment and therefore we are in the process of filing an appeal which we believe has a high chance of success.


Irrespective of the outcome, we felt it important to reassure our customers that it will have no impact on our ability to continue supplying your lamp products. None of these lamps are made from the infringing processes. In fact, the processes found to infringe the patent were only used on a very small number of lamp types and none of them are in use today.


First Light remains the number one independent lamp manufacturer offering high quality lamps at a fair price, backed up by world class customer service and the shortest delivery times in the industry. We have the most advanced automated manufacturing equipment and continue our investment to drive the technology and production capacity forward.

These are important qualities but even more so during these turbulent times in the industry. The recent announcement of the acquisition of Heraeus Noblelight by Excelitas Technologies brings further consolidation and unknown future risk to the supply chain. First Light Lamps are here to address any supply concerns you may have going forward.

Thank you for your business and for your continued support

Martin Churchley                                   Paul Walker

Director                                                   Director

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