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Univet Eyewear

Univet glasses

Quality eyewear protection is essential when operating lasers. The laser light beam, whether direct or reflective on specular surfaces, is characterized by high power and strong directionality which can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. 


First Light offer Laser Eyewear for Nd.YAG (1064nm), Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd.YAG/ Alexandrite (1064/755nm) Lasers. These glasses are manufactured by Univet Optical Technologies, who have over 20 years of experience in the design and production of safety eyewear.


Univet glasses are fully compatible with all prescription eyewear, ensuring total protection. The glasses also have side shields for improved peripheral protection.



Univet glasses are style pieces created by Italian designers. Sleek shades, bold lines and precious materials make each pair of glasses an exclusive product signed by Univet.


Avoid the annoying overlapping of temples between prescription and safety glasses for excellent comfort and better stability for prolonged use. The temples are adjustable and equipped with Softpad technology: a unique design that allows perfect adjustment to the user and maximum adherence to the temples for a perfect grip.

If you are interested in obtaining a quotation for the Univet eyewear we offer, contact our friendly sales team today!

Univet glasses
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