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"What is the price of your lamps?"

Pricing of any product depends on multiple factors: the quantity and type of lamp ordered, how easy it is to manufacture, where it is manufactured and what materials are used in the manufacturing process to name a few. These factors all have an implication on the overall cost. 


You might say lamps are easy to produce - they are a glass tube with a couple of

electrodes in, some gas, and then a couple of wires on each end (or base connectors,

depending on the lamp). While the above statement is true on the face of it, Xenon or

Krypton pulsed or CW (Continuous Wave) lamps are in fact extremely difficult to

produce, and is why there are only a limited number of companies globally producing

these types of lamps.


For more information on how flash lamps or CW lamps are produced, we will be

writing an overview on this process in due course, so please check back to our

website on a regular basis to learn more about our products.


Getting back to the base question of how much are our lamps?


As with all manufacturing companies, the first question we ask our customers is

“How many lamps do you wish to purchase?”. If you are a large OEM looking to

purchase hundreds, if not thousands of lamps, your price will be better than if you

are only looking to purchase our Minimum Order Quantity (to build) of 5 lamps.


The other question we need to understand is what type of lamp are you looking for, as again the type of lamp you are looking for will be a major factor in the overall price of the lamp.


We know that many OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) charge higher prices for lamps, and this is the case if the lamp is to be used for industrial, medical or aesthetic systems. We have seen some companies charging in excess of $500 USD per lamp, and if your system is a 2 lamp system, you will be looking to pay in the order of $1000 USD for your replacement lamps.


When requesting pricing, another consideration is the type of system. If you are looking for a CW lamp for an older system, then these lamps are becoming less popular as many of these systems are now being replaced by diode or fibre systems. As the need for these lamps is decreasing, they are becoming less popular with lamp manufacturers to produce. As with all products within the product life cycle, you must expect the prices of these lamps to be increasing as the demand decreases for these lamps.


In the case of industrial lamp pumped lasers, these lasers are still being produced and for many applications are still the go to systems due to their high peak energies. Typically, these lamps are longer in arc when compared to a Intense Pulsed Lamp for hair removal, though the length will be similar to a medical laser. The OD (outside diameter) of the lamp will tend to be larger on an industrial laser lamp when compared to either a medical or IPL system. The market for these lamps is steady, and prices for these lamps remain fairly consistent as the lamp is in a good place within its life cycle.


When talking about IPL or medical laser lamps, these lamps can command the highest prices from the OEM’s due to the nature of the systems the lamps are being fitted in. This is due to the high demands the OEM will place on the lamp producer for high lifetime shot counts, the energy the smaller lamps have to cope with, the need for reliable trigger of the lamp and the consistency of the peak to peak energy requirements of the lamps.

In summary, price depends on the type of lamp:


  • Industrial Pulsed

  • Industrial CW

  • Medical

  • IPL

  • Specialist Application (Sintering, Photovoltaic etc)


And how many lamps you wish to buy.


First Light Lamps Ltd will provide pricing at different price breaks, which are typically in the order of:


5 - 49, 50 - 99, 100 - 249, 250 +


However, if you are looking for higher volumes, and are able to make a commitment for a longer term supply deal (regular drops of lamps over ~12 months for example), we are very happy to discuss what we might be able to offer in terms of more attractive prices.


We are always happy to discuss further your requirements for lamps and how we might be able to help you by sourcing your lamps directly from the manufacturer instead of working through a reseller.


For more information or to discuss your needs please email

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Laser flash lamps
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